Easy Christmas Wreath DIY Using an Embroidery Hoop

Christmas wreath DIY using an embroidery hoop

If you’re looking to add a little festive touch to your doorway this holiday season, you can’t beat this super easy Christmas wreath DIY. It uses an embroidery hoop as the base. Altogether this wreath cost me about $25 to make – the closest comparable wreath at my garden store was almost $50 and this way I will be able to use the hoop again and again.

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How to Embrace Winter the Hygge Way

Any other winter haters out there? I have lived in Minnesota for almost my entire life (and love it), so it may surprise you to know that I do not love winter. Embracing the winter lifestyle is something that I have had to work towards for many years.

You’ve probably heard about the Danish art of Hygge recently – it’s everywhere. Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) basically means creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, and enjoying the delights of each season with the people you love. While it can apply to any season, Hygge is especially well-known in the wintertime. There are a number of things I’ve done (or added to my to-do list!) to enjoy winter more, many of them inspired by Hygge.

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Ultimate Halloween Party Playlist

Ultimate Halloween party playlist

‘Tis the season for a mega, gigantic, possibly over-the-top Halloween party playlist. Whether you are looking for something to play at your Halloween party, music for trick or treating, background while you make Halloween costumes, tunes for carving pumpkins, or you are just in a spooky mood… this playlist should have you covered!

Tropical Modern Dining Room

Tropical Modern Dining Room Design

Giving you a heavy dose of mid-century in this tropical modern dining room design. The industrial chandelier and rustic table balance this look out just enough so it’s not too “Mad Men”. Have some fun with the pink tropical wallpaper, it’s easily removable so you can easily switch things up later on for a whole new look!

sources: industrial chandelier | dining room table | blue velvet chair | basket | tropical wallpaper | round mirror | white credenza

Sleep Better With These Bedroom Design Tips

Sleep better with these bedroom design tips

Having trouble sleeping? The answer to your sleep woes may lie in the design and atmosphere of your bedroom. Here are some tips for maximizing the relaxation factor in your bedroom. You may find that some small tweaks to your bedroom design will help you sleep better.

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