Picking Light Fixtures for Your Home – A Foolproof Guide

Picking light fixtures for your home

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One of the easiest ways to make your home look better is to upgrade your light fixtures. Maybe you are building a new house (lucky!) and have the daunting task of picking light fixtures for your home. Or maybe your current light fixtures are simply outdated. In any case, light fixtures give you the opportunity to add a TON of personality to your home. Our lights are hands down the number one thing people compliment us on in our house. 

Statement chandeliers

Pick a few areas where you want to make a statement with your lights. For most homes this could be above your entryway, dining table, stairwell, and/or kitchen island. I chose really trendy chandeliers for both my dining room and my stairwell, and went fairly conservative for the rest of the house. You can also do a fun fixture in the master bedroom for a luxe look.

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If you have an open floor plan, choose one showy light to make a statement, and leave the rest of the area more simple.

Kitchen island lighting

Modern kitchen island lights

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Flush mount lighting, a (somewhat?) necessary evil

Choose a flush mount light to use in bedrooms where you don’t have a statement light or ceiling fan. Avoid the dreaded “boob lights” at all costs! My absolute favorite flush mount right now is this one from CB2. It is affordable and has a great modern minimalist look. We have this in several rooms of our house. It comes in a smaller size (almost 20″) and larger size (34″). 

modern affordable flush mount light

What about ceiling fans?

Let’s talk ceiling fans for a minute. They are a total necessity in some climates, but they often look downright terrible. I like to find fans that are as simple as possible – this isn’t an item you want to try and make a big design statement with. You can choose one with a light, or get one without and supplement with recessed LED lights around it.

Modern ceiling fans

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Mix up your textures

Mix up the metals and materials when you are picking light fixtures for your home. Don’t mix two metals that are close in appearance to each other in the same room, like chrome with satin nickel. My favorite mix for a modern home is to do some fixtures with a dark or black matte metal, and the rest in chrome.

Recessed lights

For a big space, using LED recessed lights will give a sleek, minimalist look. Plus, these babies don’t need to be replaced for years! I like to use these for places where you have a large space and need to supplement the light given off by a statement chandelier. Another great use for them is in basements that have a lower ceiling. 

Remember what your lights are there for

This may seem like a “duh!” tip, but make sure your light bulbs are bright enough for the area you are putting them. It is really easy to screw this up when you are caught up in picking light fixtures for your home. The kitchen, bathrooms, and office are the most important areas of the house where you want bright lights for certain tasks. When in doubt, ask at the store you are buying the light bulbs from or the electrician who is installing them. You can also use recessed lighting in the ceiling to supplement your more decorative lights. 

Mood lighting

A final note – always, always put lights on dimmers! This is my favorite tip for easily controlling the ambiance and task lighting in your house. Many builders will do this for a small fee, otherwise word on the street is it is not hard to do yourself. I would probably electrocute myself by trying, but you, dear reader, are likely more capable.

You can also add in some mood lighting with a floor lamp here or there, or with sconces on either side of the bed.

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