Our Modern Privacy Fence Project

Modern wooden privacy fence

A little background on this project. When we finished construction on our house, there was still a chain link fence from the previous owner that was in terrible shape. We’re talking huge sections missing from all of the construction we did, plus wear and tear from years of use. Plus, that just wasn’t what I wanted for our yard.

We thought about putting in a new wooden fence around the whole yard, but it wasn’t practical for several reasons. The perimeter of our property is lined with beautiful, mature arborvitae trees that are taller than our house. There was just no way you could get a fence in there now without risking damage to the trees or having it look all squished. Plus, when we had our driveway done we had them do a really nice curved edge, which would make a fence awkward to put in.

Modern privacy fence

So – long story short, although we have most of our backyard really well defined by the arborvitae trees, there was now a big section in the back that was wide open. This meant that looking out our back windows, our main view was the back alley. We wanted something to visually define the edge of our yard and be able to look at something other than the alley, especially in the winter when everything looks grey and bleak.

We considered several different options, but none of them were quite right. We thought about some kind of trees, shrubs, or even a collection of large plants in planters. Not bad options, but we knew it would take years for them to grow to the point where it would look the way we wanted.

There were several challenges we threw their way. One was that we would still need space to throw snow in the winter, so it couldn’t totally block the backyard. Another was the aforementioned curve to the driveway that needed to be worked with. Adding to that, I was dead set on something with horizontal lines because I wanted a modern look to it.

There were a few fence companies that we initially talked to who were basically like, “um what are you guys smoking?” (in nicer terms of course). It quickly became apparent that we needed something with a strong design sense. Finally I found the right person by searching through a local mid-century modern group I’m on on Facebook. When he came to meet us he immediately knew what we wanted and seemed genuinely excited to work on our project. When people ask who did the work for us we jokingly refer to him as a fence artist because contractor just doesn’t seem right.

If you are in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, I highly recommend working with Brady Studio for any kind of modern, creative fence/landscaping/cool outdoors-y things. We are so happy with how our fence turned out and get people stopping by to ask about it all the time. 


Modern fence


  1. Kellie May 9, 2018

    Awesome! I really like this. I would definitely make something like this for my house.

  2. Kelly @ Cosmic Hive May 9, 2018

    Thanks Kellie! It has added a ton of personality to our backyard!

  3. Nicole May 10, 2018

    This fence looks so good! I love the modern look!


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