3 Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram

Sometimes instagram can be kind of a black hole, amiright? This can be a bad thing (hellloooo time wasted stalking people) or it can be an amazing thing. There are so many incredibly talented, creative people all over the ‘gram. I am somewhat addicted to following artists on instagram. It is so inspiring to get a peek at their process videos, studio spaces, and their new works. Here are a handful of my favorite artists to follow. It was hard to select just three, so don’t be surprised if there’s another round of these in the future. Now the only problem is keeping myself from spending too much time gawking at their talent and not enough time developing my own!

1. Mei @etc.mei

I just discovered Mei the other day and fell in love immediately with her modern take on watercolors. Her way of blending sharp, geometric lines with the softness of watercolor is so fresh and gorgeous.

2. Suzy Lindow @winkwinkstudio

I was first drawn to Suzy’s account by her amazing collage pieces, made from scraps of her paintings. Then I saw that her paintings are equally impressive, and I had to follow. Her work seems to always be evolving and yet everything is always a knockout.


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3. Heather Day @heatherdayart

Heather’s pieces are abstract mixed media at it’s finest. I want one for every room in my house.

Pretty Good Luck, 56” x 72”

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